My personal review of Weathering with You

“Together, we changed the shape of the world.”

I want to spend a few words, spoiler free, on Weathering With You, the new anime by Makoto Shinkai, director of Your Name.

My expectations for this movie were very very high. The premises, the trailer, the choice of soundtrack (RADWIMPS) and even the film’s iconic poster do not attempt to distance themselves from their predecessor. The style is exactly the same.

I was therefore unconsciously led to think that, either we would have a new masterpiece or a total failure, with no middle ground. Well, in reality the film falls right into the middle. And I always unconsciously expected sooner or later that plot twist, that sensational twist that could overturn the whole story. 

On the other hand, everything is well discovered from the very first minute, and yet I’ve been constantly waiting for something that never arrived. I realize that, once again, it’s a side effect of my personal comparison with Your Name.

The graphic part remains at the highest level possible as well as the photo-realism in all the Tokyo representations, which confirms a breathtaking beauty, even if this time is portrayed more raw and turbulent (yes, I’ll have many new locations to look for and photograph in my next trip to Japan).

My biggest critique is the exploitation of photo-realism itself, used both for pure fan service and for real occult advertising. I know it’s just in few scenes, but this creative technique is what I appreciate the most in Shinkai’s works, and I was kind of sad in seeing this so instrumentalized.

A couple of notes: The typhoon that hit Tokyo these days is such a surreal coincidence in the light of the film. Take notice when you go see the movie. Regarding coincidences, when I got out of the theater it started to rain. A pleasant surprise, in the right place at the right time.

In conclusion, I can say that Weathering With You confirms itself as a little treasure. It certainly deserves more than a vision. It’s beautiful, incredibly deep with little moments that give you a shiver right down your spine.

There are no memorable twists, it’s true, but maybe that’s why we’ll remember Your Name as that stroke of genius that comes once in a lifetime.

For everyone who loves Japan and its culture, don’t miss it.

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